About BM

Welcome to Bagus Mutendi… BM is a quirky childhood nickname I grew up with and so it was a no-brainer when it came to naming the blog. As to my day job, I run the operations of a middle-level recruiting firm tailored for lawyers in Lagos when I’m not writing an academic paper, singing in the church choir or being the publicist cum On-Air Personality for Classic FM 97.3 #BookOnReview literary show (Saturdays 9pm). I love literature and love to pride myself as being an avid reader and I am pretty sure I fell in love with it when I stumbled on ‘Nightfall in Soweto’ (still my all time favourite poem by the way). Errmmm….that should do it for now. and yes, please subscribe to the blog while you are at it.


6 thoughts on “About BM

  1. Took time today to check out your blog . for some interesting reason, I assumed you were a Kenyan man! Only to find out just now that you are a lady!!😝😝😝. Keep up the good work !

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  2. Love what you are doing on Instagram. Really good. Well done and maybe I should get you a Coke one of these days, no? 😉

    By the way, I also think that Nightfall on Soweto is a really lovely poem. I throway salute.

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      1. Hey BM… Bless you, everyday. Doing crazy stuff there. Well done…don’t let anything stop you jare. We dey your back…and the Coke remains open… Maybe, we can even do Zobo 🙂


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