Want a copy of Muhsin al-Ramli’s ‘The President’s Gardens’ ? Here’s how to win…

The President’s Gardens, and translator Luke Leafgren has offered to share one of his copies with an interested ArabLit reader:

If you would like a copy, throw your hat into the comments section on the Arablit.org website link below, and the winner will be chosen (randomly) and contacted. And here’s the catch – it’s open to readers worldwide.

You can read a review of the book written by Arab Lit’s Valentine Viene here.

The President’s Gardens is al-Ramli’s third novel translated into English. His first, Scattered Crumbs (2000), was translated into English by Yasmeen al-Hanoosh, and won the Arkansas Translation Award. Read an excerpt on his blog here. His second novel, Fingers of Dates (2008) met with wide acclaim and was longlisted for the 2009 International Prize for Arabic Fiction. It was also translated by Luke Leafgren and published by AUC Press.

Click here to enter the drawing and dropping your comments.
This is open to anyone worldwide.

Would love to hear from you!

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