Eye Want Change: Smartphone Film Competition – Entries Open

Entrants are invited to produce a mobile film of up to ten minutes in length on any social matter. Participation is free. The competition is open to shorts of all production techniques, including documentaries, docu-dramas, fictions, animation, filmed performance, spoken word, or still compilations. There are two main conditions:

1.     Films must be shot on a smartphone, webcam or tablet, running for under ten minutes. This ‘restraint’ should not only pose an artistic challenge to filmmakers, but also inspire potential entrants without access to equipment, large budgets or technical expertise to tell their own stories.

2.     Films must relate to a social issue. This criterion is left deliberately broad and is very much open to personal interpretation and expression, as seen in Eye Want Change subject matters which have ranged from identity to surveillance. Participants are encouraged to explore this in a personal capacity in keeping with the aim to nurture creative self-expression and storytelling.

Take a look at previous entries for inspiration.

For more details of how to submit, follow this link before March 25, 2017.


Would love to hear from you!

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