Book Review: Things Unseen

Loved reading this review of my friend’s book. Enjoy.

struggling bookworm

Disappearing Acts
First let me start this off with how bad I am at this regular blogging thing, and apologize for the lengthy, unplanned and unannounced hiatus. I don’t want to make promises about doing better because nothing is as painful as broken promises. I do want to say, I have missed this space so much and I am excited about all the cool posts I have lined up.
October Readathon
So last month, my uni went on a semester break which meant I FINALLY had time to read all the books that have now made my To Be Read List a multiple page mess. I am pleased to come back and say, I have read a few of them and I am now a happy (struggling) bookworm.
One of the books I read was Pamela Powers’ Things Unseen, which happened thanks to Twitter. I always say I do more…

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