Bagus Mutendi turns 6 months!!!


When I set out to have a blog, there was that initial feeling of self-doubt and if I will be able to sustain it past one week or month(considering I had deleted the blog a record three times) but here we are 6 months later still learning along the way but your support means the world to us at BM. Like I always say, I’m excited when it comes to anything under the face of the earth that has to do with exploring literature in its different forms and that’s why I wanted to make the blog fun – don’t get me wrong, I love to read (i have at least two novels in my handbag at every point in time) but I wanted a creative outlet to make it interesting, attractive but literarily exciting without taking the substance away and most important beam the spotlight on emerging poets, artists, photographers, writers, and the list is endless…


It is with that joy in my heart that I set out to do something to give back on the occasion of BM’s sixth month anniversary and that birthed Se”POET”ember (i know its a Over the next couple of weeks in September, the blog will celebrate poets from Zimbabwe, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, Zambia, South Africa and Nigeria pending when……

Its not too late to get on this train..

To thank you for that first like and follow on the blog as its brought us here, to @pamelapower @subtleroyalty @sugaryoblivion @mido_mosata @ Joseyphina, Nancy Ongom, Corrosive Mind, Ojuola’s Notes and you, yes YOU… no words are enough – I’m in your debt, you know..



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