BM’sABC Day 25 – Most Embarrassing Moment


So, I  pride myself on being a jovial and gregarious person but I think that that day was not one of them. It happens that in my line of work, I have to attend a couple of these networking events where you get to fake smiles and generally be close to people for the ‘money’ to roll in. I could have sworn I knew this topshot lawyer through one of my uncles (not what you are thinking…smh) and wasn’t ready for what happened  next when I walked up to him. I stretched out my hand to introduce myself and he glared at me – that ‘will you shoo yourself away before I get security to do the job’ look. I didn’t know whether to bring down my outstretched hand or slap myself silly for making an effort to ‘socialize’. I was glued to the spot because if you really know me well, I can be socially awkward in situations like these, scratch that , I can be annoyingly shy.

He later called to apologise but the look of pity in peoples’ eyes just killed my spirit that day. Oh well, every dog has its day, right?


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