BM’s ThoughtProvoking Piece


Its easy to get de-sensitised to war and conflict especially when its not happening close to you or none of your family members is caught in the cross hairs but this picture just shot my respect for @moonchild509 ALL THE WAY UP!!!

“Sometimes, in the toughest places, you still find a smile, some laughter, some loving. Here, with the IDPs in Maiduguri, you see hunger and destitution, yet you see love and smiles and hope. Hope that someday, everything will be fine and they will go back home to fend for themselves and not rely on handouts. Nothing breaks the soul like waiting. Waiting for your lost husband to return, for your abducted wife or daughter to be found. For the guns to fall silent. For the dying and senseless killing to stop. For the waiting to end. Hope is frail, but it endures.” – Facebook /Abubakar Adam Ibrahim

Image may contain: 1 person , cloud and outdoor
Credit: Fati Abubakar

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