BM’sABC Day 19 – Your thoughts on education

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Education should be all-inclusive and nothing should be left out in such a way that the child grows up knowing exactly what he or she wants to do with it.

Looking at the kind of “graduates” we churn out daily from our institutions of learning nowadays, it is sad to admit that that is the case anymore. I don’t regret the kind of education I got but somehow I wish I had a teacher who forced out the literary potential i have embedded somewhere in this 59kg mass called BM. Lol. No doubt, I qualified as a lawyer for economic purposes but I’m most happy when I’m reading a book or attending a artsy music festival or even acting. You see the point I’m making, right?


6 thoughts on “BM’sABC Day 19 – Your thoughts on education

  1. I sometimes wish I’d gotten similar exposure to music and arts, even if it was only an encouragement here and there. But then, it’s never too late to explore interests and develop oneself in different areas.

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  2. Education and Learning begins from birth. I still remember my Mom teaching me how to read, write and do simple math so by the time I was four I was able to read quite well. Both my parents were heavily involved in my education. I grew up before there was such a thing as Black History Month in the USA so my Dad schooled me on the contributions of Black Americans. Left up to the white school system you’d thought all Blacks were slaves. My Dad also shared with me the historical contributions of my own family including my Great, great Grandfather who served in the Civil War. My paternal Aunts and my Dad made the Harlem Renaissance come alive for me.
    Daddy took my brother and I out on weekends to give my Mom a break and to show us the wonders of New York City. I also give great credit to my maternal Grandmother, My Mom and my maternal Aunts for telling me what is was like to grow up Black in America back in the 20s, 30s & 40s.

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    1. Waoh!!! That’s the total package you got right there. My love to your Dad – the real MVP award winner. Bless him and those of your great-grandfather and everyone from both paternal and maternal lines. Its evident in your great personality that all that education was well worth it


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