BM’sABC Day 16 – Your Favourite Blogs

DAY 16

In my over 5 months of active blogging, I have come across a lot of blogs that shaped me, helped me build a better blog out of BM and most importantly keep me coming back for more. This does not mean that I don’t love all the blogs I follow but these ones just make me believe that while blogging can be a somewhat lonely journey sometimes, your passion wins in the end and along the way. In no particular order, they are….drum rolls…

  1. Subtle Royalty
  2. Beordoon
  3. Thatgirldorian
  4. Amoafowaa
  5. Dancingpalmtree
  6. Nancy Ongom
  7. Joseyphina
  8. Ojuola’s Notes
  9. Joel Jemba
  10. She Made Me Do It
  11. Harold Writes
  12. Deoye Falade’s Blog
  13. Written Whisperz
  14. Words Are Work
  15. Home of Humor
  16. SimplySaid Thoughts



2 thoughts on “BM’sABC Day 16 – Your Favourite Blogs

  1. Thanks for the Shout-Out!! I really appreciate your promoting my writing blog!! As well as my writing blog I also have a great Photography Blog called Roaming Urban Gypsy. Slices of the Big Apple aka New York City!!

    One day hopefully within my 5 year plan I want to visit the MotherLand, Mother Africa from whence my ancestors came to America. For me it will be a pilgrimage as well as a chance to see, visit and meet all my fellow Africans whom I’ve only seen on the Blogosphere!!

    Thank You!! Grace, Peace & Blessings!!

    DeBorah Ann Palmer


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