#BMCSA @ Quintessence Bookstore – 6/8/16

After missing the @patabahbooks event, I cleared my schedule for Saturday because come rain or highwater,  I was going to be present for @nikecfatoki bookreading plus coupled with the gist making rounds that she was such a delight to have around (Like I  can say so much for some authors. Lol) , I wanted to witness that firsthand for myself  and also soak in the depth of her literary knowledge.  And they were right,  she really is a pleasant being!!!  I also got to be in the studio with her and Aunty Lanre and the ever lovely @tourpaline for her radio show.  *adopts peacock pose

Excited me @benjibenjiclassicfm with @nikecfatoki

With Okechukwu Ofili,  owner of @okadabooks (Naija’s first self-publishing platform) 

Aunty Lanre and Anwuli. Lol

More pictures and videos from the event tomorrow!!!


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