Excuse Me! By Victor Ehikhamenor – Short Review

I recently read this book last month and just had to post it. Its a collection of stories that were hitherto published as thought-provoking satire on society. I especially like the story ‘Love Letters’ which spoke about the lost art of writing love letters and the new school thinking that social media will take the place of the art which is laughable at best. The second one is ‘ Old Shrine, New Gods’ which up until the last line,
‘ I mutter a short prayer by the shrine and beg God to let the generator generate power’
I was so lost in the beauty of the prose that I forgot he was writing about how the generating set had become a small god in Nigeria and that was a direct challenge to the government to get its mind right about the power sector as it is shameful if nearby little Ghana of yesterday can be celebrating years of interrupted power supply and Nigeria, the giant of Africa lags behind. I will recommend this book as a weekend read as you are so sure its an investment well made.
My review on Nnedi Okorafor’s book is coming tomorrow!!!!!


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